Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It's All About This Cooze Who's A Regular Fuck Machine...

I spent today watching daytime TV....holy crap what a wash of slimey twats that stuff is. It started with the Ellen show, which I used to watch all the time, and I stopped awhile back when I decided that daytime was a big ball of wasted grey matter. After Ellen comes Regis and Kelly. Ok, I can't be the only person on the planet who finds Kelly Ripa to be the MOST annoying female in the whole galaxy. She ranks right up there with a swarm of angry wasps on the annoyance factor. The woman could gag a maggot with all her high pitched squeely giggles, and how she calls Regis 'Big Daddy' makes my colon sieze.
Noon.....this brings us to Jerry Springer....I do love me some Jerry Springer, but only because he knows his show sucks, and he doesn't try to make it anything more than a white trash reunion. It am what it am.
Then I actually got my ass outta the house, and ran a couple of errands....3:15 and Days of Our Lives. I've watched this show for going on 15 years. My mom watched it, and I just kind of picked it up throughout the years. But holy shyte, this show has gone to hell on a luge. Now I remembered why I stopped watching it. And if anyone from NBC happens to stumble upon this page.....The new Belle needs to shut up and die already....cuz seriously, Pia Zadora is a better actress.
What finally made me turn off the boob tube was Maury. Ohhhhh Maury. Doesn't Connie make enough money for you to just hang up the old talk show mic??? Every single show he does is either a Paternity test show, or a Is this a man or a woman type of show. Enough already! I forget how many slutty women there are in the world until I turn on Maury. I find it amazing that these women can have a child and then not know who the father is....and then proceed to bring on like 27 gang bangers to get!?!?! Is this like the new dumb ass initiation??? Fuck as many brainless twits as you can and then you can be on TV? Freaking tards. What made me turn off today's show, was when they brought on the 14 year old kid who was married to a woman who was 43.....I think my IQ went down a full point with Maury.
Daytime tv is wayyyyy too full of horndog women and dumbass men....even for my warped mind.

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