Saturday, May 29, 2004

In the ass goes down.

I feel like baked Ass-Soufle today. I take this medication for my depression/anxiety. It's no big deal amongst us crazies, we take a medication and we supposedely no longer have the inclination to rip out the trachea's of passerby. This medication works fairly well (Effexor) it is however uber-strong...and they way the dose it is like this, at least in my case: Half a pill for one pill for one week, then you up it to two pills for the remainder of time your on it. I just upped it to two again...I stopped taking it for a long time and now I remember why. I'm fucking sicker than Monica L on Presidents Day. My stomach feels like it's doing the pachanga, I'm dizzy as all hell, and I think there are ten overweight elephants playing soccer with my eyeballs. I've got the heat turned up so high in here, if you threw rocks on my kitchen countertops it would sizzle and I'd have all the yuppy neighbors over here in bathtowels soaking up the steam.

Fucking Yuppies....Happy Saturday

Listening to: Winger - She's Only 17 (Shaddup)

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