Friday, December 29, 2006

Hell Froze, The Horseman Came...So Bite Me

Yeah yeah yeah, so I can't not blog. Ladybuggin is dead. Emptier than Kfed's bank account. It's been cleaned out, deleted and put to sleep with a horse head. You get the point. But I have a problem...I can't not blog. So here I am, back at Zed. It feels good really, this is where I started over three years ago, and it's nice to be "home" again.

I always felt like with Buggin (see told ya, it's dead...foolish nonbelievers), I never was really myself. It was more of a facade and oooooh don't offend people, and oh gosh I hope that came out right. Eh. Who needs it. I am still designing, just not "officially" with a company anymore. Ok, more like doodling professionally now. I do it my way, yo.

*Cue Sinatra tune here*

Anywho, it'll take me awahile to get things in order here and delete a ton of these older than moses crap posts on this thing, and get myself out there again, but I have no doubt I'll come out in a much better frame of mind than I was going into Buggin.

Zed's Still Dead. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Ok, I'm going back to listening to my Laura Branigan CD...Shut. Up.

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