Sunday, June 20, 2004

Perhaps You Remember a Movie Called Deliverance??

Last night was yet another late night, On Demand evening in Casa De Me. I actually was up until about five in the morning, watching bad movies...problem?? Maybe, but I have no life so sue me.
Anywho...The second movie is the one imma talk bout first, cuz it was way more exciting, and horrorish, which I lurrrrve. I got Wrong Turn. It starred Eliza Dushku, and a whole other bunch of other strangly attractive people. Normally I don't find retarded people attractive, and all the people in horror movies are retarded to some extent...but dang, this was basically porn set to scary music. Or maybe I just need to get a piece...either way. I liked the movie. The synopsis said something like...a group of stranded travelers are stalked by cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding in rural West Virginia....I was in love. I love this cheese as I've mentioned before...and this one didn't let me down.
It was very 70's in style, and predictable. I found myself saying throughout..."Don't Do That!!...Don't Go In There!!!....You Stupid Skank!!!!" And other such me-isms. By the way, the new Britney Spears Everytime music box song is on, and it makes me wanna puncture all my head holes with an unlubricated porcupine, could she be any more whiney!?!?! GAH!!! Ok where was I...oh right, so the movie was predictable, but I know this about MOST horror flicks, and I accept it and I still love em. I didn't find it suspenseful much, because I could pretty much tell when or who was gonna get offed...but the kills were originial, and this is pretty much how I base my views on slasher flicks....if the kills are good and original, the movie is a keeper. Another one like this that comes to mind is Phantasm...that movie bored the crap outta me, but the kills were original, so I now own the movie.
The directing, done by Rob Schmidt, was very well done for a teen slasher, and I was amazingly impressed with the makeup on the Inbred Cannibals...I don't think I've ever used those two words together before...inbred cannibals...heh.
This movie also scored points for using the woods as a backdrop for the film. Rule of thumb for me is that the movie is set in the woods, I'll get so scared I'll curl up into a ball of chick, and wait for the sun to come up. Think Blair Witch, or the first few Friday the 13th flicks.

In short...the movie was cheesy slasher ala 70's, and did manage to keep me from sleep even though it was five in the am...the kills were cool and the people were hot...I'll give it two Inbred Cannibals up.

Listening To: Vixen - Cryin

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