Friday, June 18, 2004

Repetition works, David. Repetition works, David.

Just read this on his website....

"So to find resolution for myself, I walked across the street to Burgerville and had a Gardenburger and fries. Next time this happens I am going to make my case heard."

Why wait till next time, Cap'n Ron...they won't know any better until you bring it to someone's attention. I know you prob don't want to stir the crap soup there at work, but keep in mind, that unless you are adamant and open about being a vegetarian, you will be forgotten in these kind of situations. Tell them, and tell them and tell them again. And if that doesn't work...staple a loan application to your bosses forhead.

But really Cap'n Ron...Hot dogs??? You weren't missing much...mmmm lips and assholes...yum yum gimme some!

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