Wednesday, June 16, 2004

From here you can get an excellent view of my ass

Today I had another adventure with the Ex^2. We, there were six of us, went to the arcade...good times were actually had. However my favorite part of the day was the extensive ass kissing provided by good ol Ex^2. Here's an example...this took place as I was tryin to escape an uncomfortable sitch alone with him:

Asshead: Hey hold up
Princess Me: What
Asshead: This sounded alot better in my head.
Princess Me: Sure. What.
Asshead: I just wanted to say I'm sorry to you, I know I treated you like crap in the past, and you deserved better, and I'm just sorry that we couldn't be together in the long run, blah blah gush gush blah blah....
Princess Me: What was that, I was ignoring you....

Nothing could ruin this day for me. Do you realize I've waited for 10 years for this guy to apologize for hurting me like he did...I somehow thought it would make a difference in my life. And now that he's kissing my ass on an almost daily basis, I realize that I don't give a fairy fart what he feels or if he is sorry. I feel stronger now, and I know now that I have always had control in that relationship, even if I thought that I had given it all up to him.

Listening To: Aimee Mann - You Could Make A Killing

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