Saturday, June 12, 2004

If I was a butt cowboy, I wouldn't even throw you to the posse.

Yeah This bout sums up my evening last night...

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 13:55:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Erin Euwing" Add to Address Book

Thought you'd like the highlights of last nights shit. Yes, Ms. Jones, we are this fruity! And you thought I was taking notes for chem class. HAH!

Things said by Ms. Zed's Dead: (me)
~I often feel like I'm in Dawson's Creek, only everyone around me is fugly and I don't get to deflower Katie Holmes. Life sucks eh?
~Dude, did Joe Theisman just call that player 'A hunk of man?' I thought Madden only said shit like that!
~Hey, do you think alcohol expenses are tax deductible from a college student's 1040? I could buy a Ferrari with my return.
~So you're saying that the Dreaming is the Universe's screen saver?
~No, somewhere along the line I became a hero. I only scare people for charity now

Things said by The Gay Leader:
~I have the biggest burrito at home. It's name is Alexander Xavier the third.
~Where are my sex organs?! I can't find my sex organs!!
~I gotta go and vacum my coffe table now.
~Frappachinos; they're...frappalicious
~I'm sorry, you know my brain doesn't function normally.
~...Which is better than 'your dagger is hurting my chest'
~There are four things in this world that you don't touch; a man's car, a man's wifey, a man's dog, and a man's fun-noodle.

Things said by The Big Foreign Gay Guy
~I can't eat and think at the same time
~In this context, there is no good sucking.
~I'd like to buy a hard F!
~No matter where you are, if you say 'Drunk Midget' people will smile
~My popcorn has already been metabolised into indignation
~We'll just summon the spirit of crotch-monkey to nail him in the balls.

Things said by The Gay Yoda:
~God you stroke my cock.....soooooooooooo much (said after I complimented him on something)
~There are somethings in this life that you just don't believe in, and her hymen is one of them
~That's not a working relationship, its scrotal terrorism.
~You are so white. You're whiter than Primus.
~If you can't reach in your pouch, pull out some guano, roll it in sulfur then you don't deserve a fireball!!!
~I'm tenacious enough to stake you with a loaf of bread

What is the fascination with the whole gamer thing anyway??? Why is that, Cap'n Ron?

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