Friday, June 11, 2004

I'm not a cobb of corn, so you can stop butterin' me up.

I was invaded by a big ol gaggle of gays last night. All online of course, cuz my handy dandy gay friends say that I scare them and won't hang out with me in person. Pshhhhht! Whatever....buncha queers. Anyway, I was told by one of them that I am the "Faggiest Gay Girl" they know. So that would make me an unofficial member of the Gay Militia! YAY! And the one who told me this...he's the gayest gay in all the land! Like he's so flamin that he shoots sparks out his ass...REALLY! My personal flamer also told me, that if he was going to ever have sex with a girl, he would want it to be me, cuz Imma wild and crazy gal, ala Steve Martin on SNL. I think it's cuz he's a bottom...and I of course am a top....that or he wants to borrow my Kevin Kline movie collection again...
Anybody up for an "In & Out" movie fest?? I'll bring the sarcasm.

Oh and just so you know...whatching your cat try to catch a moth is amazingly funny, until the moth lands on your monitor. Stupid cat.

Listening To: Snoop Doggy Mine Ft a bunch of people I don't care bout - Ain't No Fun

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