Friday, July 30, 2004


I'm just now finished with the kitchen...I did of course take gluttonous amounts of breakage in the form of Diet Coke, Pizza, and random quizes on the internet. But I am done, nontheless. I hear the load of dishes running in the washer, and that was my last chore to do in there. Holy Chipotle Batman...that was naaaaahaaaastayyyyyy. Remind me next time I tell meself that I can wash off the counters in a few, or I don't REALLY hafta clean the oven or the fridge or the windows...that yes, in fact I do. Or the dirt will began to procreate and bring forth a new lifeform. And they talk. And I think they bite too...that or I have a skeeter with an attitude up in here.
On another note...I proved to myself once again why The Zed household doesn't keep houseplants. Or outside plants...or salad mix for that matter. I keeeeeel them. Yes! I do! I am a horrible horrible plant keeper. It's not that I don't try...well it's kinda that I don't try, but mostly it's that I'm soooo forgetful. I have this beeeeeutiful ivy kind of plant hanging on my front porch (seeee I don't even know what kind of plant it is!)...anyway, I didn't water it for like three weeks...and I didn't feed it and I rarely took it for walks. So today, when I looked up to admire my beeeeeutiful ivy type plant I noticed it was half brown. Brown ivy isn't as purdy as green ivy! So I brought it inside and took off all the dead leaves, watered the hell outta it, and hung it back up. So wish my plant'll need it, with me as it's keeper.

With that...I'm going to watch a movie and relax for the first time today...

Listening To: Bent - Invisible Pedestrian

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