Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dear Movin 107.5 Radio People,

I tried to give you a chance. I did! A real, honest to goodness chance. Even though you made my most beloved Mix 107.5 vanish into thin air one night while I was sleeping. I was trying to be the bigger person here...forgive and forget and all that. But now?

You are all bitches. I hate you. You mess with my head by playing snippets of songs I LIKE in your station bumpers, so I keep listening thinking you won't play schlock for a change...and you never, ever play anything good. You are full of Gnarls Barkely, and Britney Skankyho, and Outkast. I don't LIKE any of those people. I heard you play Technotronic once, but I think it may have been an accident on your part.

Perhaps you didn't realize that you used to be an all 80's station? You were wonderful back in the day...all 80's all the time. And you had a huge market share. People liked you! They really really liked you! Then you fucked up by turning it into an all "rock" 80's station...people didn't buy it. And yanno why? Cuz REM isn't rock. And neither is Fleetwood Mac or Kansas. But I tried to defend you, by saying you were in the middle of something at home and you'd come back to your old self again. People just needed to give you time.

Now you've turned me into a big fat hairy liar. I hate you.

So, I just wanted to let you know, you suck. You suck big moldy monkey shit. Give me back my Mix 107.5. I need my Thompson Twins, and Kim Wilde....your can keep your "music that makes you move"...the only thing it makes me want to move is my bowels.

With all my hatred,
Princess Me

The winner of the video deal from my last post was the A-Ha video...I'll post that on Saturday. More people need to vote. Like Ryan Seacrest says, if you don't vote, you can't win. Or something like that.

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