Thursday, February 22, 2007

The One Where Paris Makes A Point

Can someone please explain to Paris Hilton that we don't want to see her anymore? Like, ever. She doesn't doooooo anything...and yet she remains famous. Good gravy that girl is annoying. And sharp. I'm fairly certain she'd injure anyone she bumps into. You could scratch your back on her. The woman is all edges.

We should, as an American public get to inflict her with the pain of her own fame. Let's pipe that ghastly Stars Are Blind song into every room in every Hilton hotel everywhere until they go bankrupt...and force her to watch reruns of The Simple Life, Clockwork Orange style. And while we're at it, could somebody please edit her out of that scene in Wonderland where they are on the yacht....I'm trying to drool over Val Kilmer, mmmk thanks.

My finger hurts and I'm in a piss mood...can ya tell?

Juvenile - Back That Ass Up (word)

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