Wednesday, June 02, 2004


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Just read this on the City of Corvallis website....

"There are now five persons of interest being pursued by the Corvallis Police Department in connection with the disappearance of Brooke Wilberger, missing since last Monday, May 24, 2004. Persons of interest are coming both from information developed by Police and from information coming from tips received from the public. No suspects have been identified and no one is currently in custody. About 25 detectives from Corvallis Police, Benton County Sheriff, Oregon State Police, the FBI, and other area law enforcement are involved in the investigation."

I know the statistics say something like if an abducted person isn't found in 72 hours their chances of being found alive decrease something like 70%. There are always exceptions to this, Elizabeth Smart comes to mind...but it also seems like the cases that end badly are much more prevalent....Chandra Levy, Lacy Peterson, and I don't think any of us in the Portland area can forget the Miranda Gadis/Ashley Pond case from a couple summers ago. I really hope Brooke is a fighter. I hope she gets back to her family and friends soon. And most importantly, I hope they catch the bastards who have taken her away from all she knows.

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