Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm a Kennedy, we don't eat.

What the hell is up with Maria Shriver??? That woman is friggin scary lookin. Arnold looks more feminine than Skeletor over there. But seriously, that woman is pointy!!! You could scratch your back on her!!
They play this promo for's all about the wonders of hellifornia....and how everything is lurrrrrvaly in that piss state...They have rock climbing and surfing, and obviously no food.
I may take up a Feed The Kennedy fund...someone seriously needs to buy that woman a meal...she's the friggin Govna's wife, she should be able to afford some damn popcorn, or something.

*Views expressed about Hellifornia are the express views of the author and don't represent those of any other idiot who likes that shithole state*

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