Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Appocolypse

Just a quick note to let you all know that my computer is dying a slooooooow death. So if you see no posts from me for awhile, and suddenly, you know why....It's actually been doing this for about nine months now, and honestly I'm just too lazy to buy a new comp. Yes, I back up my files...yes, I have duplicates of everything important on the comp...what I do not have is the patience to go and stand in a Suckit City and try to buy a comp in my price range, that won't crap out in a year, like this friggin Compaq did. I will never ever ever in all my days on earth buy another Compaq computer. This thing could suck start a Buick...it's just that bad. The computer we had before this was from a VERY small company that doesn't even exsist anymore, and yet we made the thing work by upgrading the system every year, general upkeep...You can't do that with Compaq. We've put two new hard drives in this bitch in the last year....both great hard drives...the compaq just regurgitated them in an act of rebellion.
Now it's to the point where I'm playing Craps with the fucker every time I try and boot her up....OOOOOOH Blue Screen of Death...roll again...OOOOOOH 7-11, you made it....OOOOOOH Snake Eyes, please see tech support for further assistance. Fuckin computer.

Next time, I buy foreign.

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