Friday, July 09, 2004

Bitching and Hormoning

Question: I ordered a PMS Tracker two days ago, and it still hasn't been delivered!!! This is rediculous!!!
Answer: Well, it takes a couple days to process and two or three days to mail.

Question: Typical male. You just care about yourself. You don't care about me or my needs!
Answer: There was a two-day option on the shipping cart. You could have...

Question: *crying* I'm sorry. It's just that I came home to a messy house *sob*, I'm tired and bloated *sob*, and I was really looking forward to getting a new package.
Answer: You know what? Maybe I'll have em send along some chocolate with it. It sounds like you're in desperate need.

Question: *raging* Are you calling me fat?!?!?! Apparently, you think I need chocolate to stuff my fat face!!!
Answer: Actually, I think you're in the rage phase of PMS. You're trying to pick a fight.

Question: No, all I need is the goddamn PMS Tracker that I ordered two days ago!
Answer: We men should be so sensitive to the plight of women that we should be able to sense who needs one and send it automatically, before they even ask for it.


*This post has been brought to you by the Smart-ass Raging Homone Society*

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