Saturday, July 10, 2004

I've Gone To My Happy Place

Ok I've managed to calm down now...this Blogger thing really pisses me off in a way that can only described accurately when one speaks in tongues. I got a tip from Casey, about using Trackback and Haloscan...I was just gonna move my comments over to Halo and avoid the whole must subscribe Bullpoo that Blogger seems to eat for every meal including Brunch. So I go sign up for the account, try and put the code on my page, and it will only put the comments at the TOP of the posts, and I can not for the friggin life of me figure out how to get it to show up at the bottom. Then when I feel like I'm finally making a wee bit o' progress, my Flinstones Compaq decides to take a righteous shit, and I lost everything I had attempted to do. Soooo if anyone is willing to help me set that up, I would find some creative way to thank you!!! I still have all that candy, and lots and lots of free OPI Nail Polish samples!!! Puhhhhleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Also, I've determined what the nail in the head whistle from the other day is. It's a farking bird! Yes, I shit you not. I was sure it was some kid with a penis whistle...but nooooo it's a god damn bird. This bird has some serious issues. This is like the Mariah Carey of bird sounds. Warbled, and makes Ms. Scary Carey sound in tune. I may hafta practice up on my slingshot aim...I can see that little fucker and if he doesn't shut the holy moses up...this Polly's gonna give him a cracker.

Listening To: Fabulous Ft/ Ashanti - Into You

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