Friday, July 09, 2004

We got places all over the place...

Good gravy this has been a boring day. Well maybe not so much boring as it was uneventful. The most exciting part of my day was going out to lunch with Mr. Zed. But that was at around 1 in the pm, and since then I've spent the afternoon, evening and now remaining night making up fliers for my friend Kristine's Salon, and doing up some spiffy new Biz cards for her to use....cuz her old ones were sooooo 2003.
I've also played much PS2...and the last two hours have been spent doing laundry, dishes, cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms, interspersed with reading a few new blogs...and that's really the reason for my boring ass posting at all. I wanted to share you my newest found blogs. I'm sure these will be part of my daily go pay them all a visit, and show them some lurrrrrve...

All I'm Saying - Casey from Idaho...go buy a watch.
Little, Yellow, Different - Ernie from California...A Web Developer for Yahoo!...and no it's not his fault.
GypsyGirl - Midwest gal...Good luck with the getting knocked up thang!
Bitch Has Word - This chica cracked me up...go laugh your little fruit of the looms off.
and last but certainly not least...
Geekward Ho - Refer to above....Dude cracked me up!!!

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Djimon Hounsou
He makes me all mushy.


Silent Witness: The Death Of Terri Schiavo
~Mark Fuhrman~

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