Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Comment Nazi's

Thanks so much to Mr. Chumbucket for bringing it to my attention that Blogger makes people register before they leave comments. How very nice of Blogger for doing that....This would explain why people have been emailing me rather than just leaving comments. Heh. I'm in the process of trying to find my way around that one. I think I have my stuff configured so you don't hafta register before commenting, but if it turns out that you still do, just tell me who you are in the comment body itself.
I didn't wanna hafta pay for webspace right away, until I figured out if this Blogging thing was really something I wanted to commit too....but I've already met a ton of great people, and I'm thinking I'll be around for a while.
Anyone know of a good, cheap or free Bloghosting service to use?? Preferably, something that doesn't require a lot of programing knowledge on my part....I have forgotten most of what I knew, and I'm too damn lazy to relearn it all again right now. Eh. Thanks in advance!

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