Thursday, July 22, 2004


I'm in a blogging slump to say the very least.  I don't feel like I have anything at all to talk about.  I could regale you with tales of Mr. Zed's ability to break his car without even touching it, but that might embarrass him on a global level, cuz he is certain he is Super Camaro Fixing Dude.  It's his super-power.
I could tell you about how it's hotter than a Jenna Jamison flick in my apartment.  How the air is so thick it's hard to breathe, how my fan is doing jack shit for the situation, or how I can't possibly make anything to eat using the stove cuz it would surely raise the temp 593 degrees in here, and then I would implode.
I could tell you about how my cat has developed this muy disgusting habit of wiping his ass on the carpet after he uses the litter box, or how my baby kitten thinks she is wonder kitty and bites Cat's tail so he then tries to consume her wittle kitty head.
I could tell you how my typing is defunct and I've had to correct eleventy million mistakes in this teeny tiny post....but instead I'm just going to drink the slurpee Mr. Zed just brought me, and wallow in my own heated self pity....

Listening To:  Beaver Brown Band - On The Darkside

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