Monday, July 05, 2004

You kids shouldn't play so rough. Somebody's gonna start cryin'.

Holidays with my family are always an interesting turn of events. It usually consists of my father, my aunt, my uncle, my cousin and his psycho fiance, and Big Gay Tommy and his special friend. Someone always gets super drunk, someone always get's their feelings hurt, someone always winds up pouting off in a corner, two of us always have a fight and inevitebly, Big Gay Tommy will wind up in a pile of shit out in the front yard.
This year was no different, except I can't regale you with tales of the gay Tommy...he didn't wanna drive over. This year was the first fourth in a long time when I remained completely sober throughout, and I really a got a full dose of your-family-is-fucked-up reality. We make the Griswalds look like the Waltons. My aunt drank two huge bottles of vino, and started celebrating the fireworks before we even started setting them off. Wooping and YAYing the explosions about three hours too early.
My dad was the grump, per usual. And eventually dug into the vino himself, and I haven't seen him drink in about six years.
My uncle was the guy with the big slutty asian girlfriend...and drank about 238943729 Coors in the fraction of an hour. This made for an interesting conversation about Las Vegas and the card game called Gay. His asian girlfriend did make the worlds best eggrolls though, so we accepted her into the warped clan we call family.
My cousin the elusive 18 year old high school drop out and his equally retarded fiance came and as usual he ended up having a big ol fight with his dad, and spending the remainder of the night in the living room watching ESPN and pouting, while Porche, his woman, tried to make nice-nice with me. Blah.
Aside from getting stuck in traffic coming home at 11:30 at night, it was a typical holiday with my I just gotta start the countdown to my birthday...August 20th for those of you keeping track.
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