Friday, January 05, 2007


Presently? There are three people who I would really like to beat about the head with a 1978 Buick. Until I see their brains squish out their ears and they are twice deader than dead.

But since I can't do that, because it's all against the law and stuff...Pssssht...I'm watching old episodes of Flavor of Love. How can you stay mad watching Flava? The dude is funny. He took three girls out to KFC, and they all thought it was gonna be this big fancy dinner, so they got all hoochified, and pulled up in the limo to KFC...and then the limo got stuck in the drive through and they lost their Blackberry...

Wait. That was So Notorious. Wrong reality.

But still, dude. KFC. I love that guy.

Oh, and Tori Spelling looks like one of my bloated guppies while pregnant.

I'm just sayin.

So, does anyone have 1978 Buick they can loan me? I promise to wash all the brain goo off before I return it.

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