Friday, January 19, 2007

Old World Recipe...New World Puke

This was the scene at my house about 60 minutes ago:

Yeah, so I just walked out of the kitchen, after getting my beloved Diet Coke, and Gizmo is laying in the middle of the hallway, where we proceeded to have this conversation:

Me: Hiiiiii Gizzy dawwwwwwwwwg! Did you get those Werthers wrappers out yet? Awwwww poor puppy dog.

Gizmo: *Slurp*Blink*Blink*Gag*Blink*Choke*Gag*Blink*

Me: Nice one. Next time put feeling into it.

At least the puke will be shiney.

You envy my life. Admit it.

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