Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yummy! Intestines!

Just one more pet peeve to add to my ever growing list of things I hate. Reality shows that make people eat gross shit. Like Fear Factor, Survivor...any of those pieces of tripe. I hate watching people eat gross shit. It makes me throw up a little in my mouth. And I don't like throwing up in my mouth. I'm so over watching people gag on national television. When it was new, it was kind of funny...oh look! They have to eat bugs....Heeeheeee she just threw up on national TV! Now? Not s'much.

I would like those shows if it weren't for that one teeny little thing. And don't say I could just change the channel, because it doesn't matter what time of day it is, if I'm flipping through the channels, I will inevitably hit one of these shows, and it's always during the "Make them eat vile crap" stunt. It's murphy's law, or something.

You'd think, after 7000 seasons of these shows, the producer's would get some kind of new idea floating around in their pretty little heads. Why not make the people juggle flaming midgets? Or, better yet, you could have flaming midgets juggle the contestants. I don't care. Just stop making them eat gross shit that makes them gag. If I have to see one more person eat a live bug, or cow intestines full of bovine stomache fondue, or a cracker covered in Uncle Jake's Lucky sauce...I'm gonna have to do something serious. Which equals nothing. But I'm definitely bitching about it again.

For those of you taking notes, list is now as follows:

Things I Hate:

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