Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Are You Trying To Do To Me, Playtex?!

I was just going to order this new bra on, which I was going to post a picture of, in all it's cuteness, but I don't want creepy people imagining me in my underwear.

Anyway, it was nice and all that, I was gonna make it mine and be all sparky in my new unmentionables....until I saw this:

What the hell is with those "N"'s, thought I...well those, my friends, are half sizes. I'm not happy about this...and how in the hell did I miss this memo?! Did you people know about these elusive half sizes? Victoria's Secret doesn't have half-sizes...Fredericks of Hollywood...nope, no half-sizes. What the fuck is this shit?! If I have to replace all of my underwear collection to fit into some new size, dreamed up by some dick-on-a-stick at Playtex...Mark my words...people will suffer. I will go USPS postal with a spork and a Louisville Slugger.

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