Monday, January 22, 2007

Make It An Even Eight Nine.

You know what seriously makes me want to cuss? Well, besides air? It's when people have a blatant disregard for the written word. I understand typo's. Hell, I'm the typo queen and if I didn't already type 80 words a minute, with error corrections, I probably wouldn't bother correcting all my shit either. And I'm sure I still miss an error here and there. But it's people that know their knowledge of the english language is less than stellar, to say the least, and they just don't give a shit. I know, english isn't everybodies first language....especially in this country. Hell it could be your third, fourth or tenth language, but with all the emailing and other forms of communication that require you to at least fake a grasp of the written word, I just don't undertand why someone would choose to let themselves come off as a flaming moron.

There are a couple of things off the top of my head that I just don't get. It's like when you run into somebody that you know damn well is just a dumbass. Nothing physical or mental that might inhibit their learning...they are just a mental midget. You know this...what I always wonder is if THEY realize they are a moron? Same thing with the written word, and most importantly, spelling. Dude. There are a million and two dictionaries on line, hell, you can BUY a dictionary for less than a buck...why in the name of shit would you want to keep spelling like a third grader? That's just plain laziness. I always assume that reading and writting is one skill...if you can read you should be able to write and vice there some kind of a a misfiring neuron that won't allow your brain to relay messages to your fingers?

Also, why....ohhhhhh why, don't you try to at least improve on your spelling if you know it sucks. If I did something all the time that I knew made me look like a bafoon, I'd sure as hell be trying to fix it. I'm not saying I could, but if I knew that spelling was a downfall of mine, shit, I'd sit my ass on a dictionary and hope I got better through osmosis. That's just how I roll...I don't like to look stupid. Silly, huh? And it's not only that, it's the use of the language. Learn the difference between too, to and two...for four fore, there their they're...etc etc. Absolutely, I'm sure the language is a pain in the arse to learn for the first time, but we all did it...I didn't come out of the womb ranting on a blog. I learned it just like everybody else. And! What would possess you, if you do any of those things, to go spouting off about "politiks" or "aborshon". Mmmmk. Try an edukashun on for size, dildo.

With all that in mind...what kind of fuckstick would post this on someone elses blog:

"[sic] I always thout that the girl had more talant and more longevity than Brittney, and as much as i like Xtina, I'm a Brittney girl. I even drink and show my snatch once in awhile like the frigging hoe."

Yeah, mmmmk. I'm not even gonna touch on the actual content in that, because that's just fucking stupidity but the Thout and talant...nice. You spell Brittney Skankyho's name with one T (this is just my own anal retentive nature to want to spell names correctly), I is always capitalized, we learn that in second grade...and a hoe is a garden tool, nimrod. I believe you, my special little friend, are a Ho.

See, it's shit like that. If you want to be a moron, don't put it in writting. Please, don't make the rest of us suffer along with you. I think there's an old quote about it being better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt...this should be amended to include the written word.

<> And since I'm on the topic of hubs and I are Star Trek: TNG freaks. We obsess and watch it and make happy little porny sounds when we hear the theme song...don't judge. So, if you watch it you know how loathed the character of Wesley Crusher is...played by the wonderboy Wil Wheaton. Anywho, so a couple months ago, I was looking through his blog, which is also very hated, and I went to his flickr page...needless to say, the man and I no longer say "moron"'s now:

Moran. Priceless...some people have told me that this is some kind of new internet speak started on Fark. To that I call bullshit. It makes him look like as big of a dumbass as I like to think he is. The Borg should have assimilated his dipshit ass when they had the chance. < /geek >

And now that I've spent twenty minutes obsessing over my own grammar in this damn post, I'm hitting the publish button and going to eat an Otter Pop...Louie Lou Raspberry if you must know. Oh, and just so we're up to date with the list...

Things I Hate (in convenient bullety list format):
  • Rachel Ray
  • Enya
  • Birds
  • Moths
  • Anyone named Todd
  • People who leave the cupboards open
  • Reality shows that make me throw up in my mouth.
  • People that can't spell or don't not write no good and make me want to punch them in the throat.
  • Wil Wheaton
And to appease the Dave Gods:
  • David Caruso
  • Jared Fogle The Subway Fucktard
Rupert Holmes - The Pina Colada Song

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