Sunday, January 07, 2007

What if I say please?

Can someone please get me this? Yanno, someone who loves and adores me? There have to be a few million of you out there. No really...

I have some tools now, which are very ugly, if I do say so myself. Nothing couture about my current driver, and hammer. But these! OHHHHHH THESE!!! Imagine how trendy I would look with my head under the sink, and one of these babies in my hand. Orrrrr if I had to say, change a lightbulb with a screwy doo-job holding the light fixture on, I could ask someone to hand me one of these very fashionable screw drivers! And that's not even counting all the inuendo dropping I could do with the man if I owned a furry pink screwdriver. Ohhhh I would be the envy. It's about time someone decided to market some tool-y shit to chicks.

*insert Tim Taylor Tool Time noise here*

But seriously. I need these.

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