Monday, February 19, 2007


Ok I'm going to beg a little. I'm a Sting fan. No, wait, I'm obsessed. And I've always always said if the Police EVER EVER reunited I was going to go if I had to sell an organ. It's happening....and I'm so excited I'm about to spit. However, the ticket prices are insane....$55 for nosebleed...which is probably what I'll end up affording. If I can even pull together that much (2 tickets $110 plus Ticketmaster fees). They are playing Seattle on June will go on sale very soon, so I've gotta save some money together for the tickets, and to rent a car to get up there...those puppies will sell out in hours.. Here's where you come in.

If you order a design from me, I will give you two designs for the price of one. One for now, one to use anytime in the rest of 2007...or you can give one away to a friend. It's an awesome deal, and if I don't see the Police in concert I might die. And really, you don't want that on your heads now do ya? So, please? I promise your design will be beeeeeeutiful, and it's for a good cause! My email is in the sidebar at the me if you wanna get things going.


With sugar?

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Help get me to see The Police! If you donate (any amount a buck or more) you'll be entered in a drawing for a free design by me!

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All of these pre-made designs are for sale for $25. Price includes customization and installation. Each design will only be used once, so you're guaranteed a one of a kind design without the wait!

Email me for more information or to purchase.

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