Sunday, July 25, 2004

Torture you? That's a good idea. I like that.

Have you ever had one of those super stressful weeks??  You know the kind where it seems that by the end of the week your head may explode and your eyes start buggin outta your head cuz of all the pressure your brain is placing on your skull??  Be it from your kids, or your job, school, family, whatever it is.  And you just think to yourself, "If I could just have one day/night alone with nobody and nothing to give me any stress, I would be ok again. " 
I did that.  I got rid of ALL stresses in my life tonight....and guess what.  I'M BORED OUTTA MY FRIGGIN SKULLCAP!  I'm not good at keeping myself entertained!!!  I tried watching a movie, but that bored me fairly quickly....I've read some new blogs, but that bored me too!  I've played games online, I've played games off line, I've played with the cats, I've done the dishes and laundry....still bored.
And now it's gotten so bad, that I do believe my brain has given up functioning in a productive manor for the remainder of the night.  It's still four jabillion degrees in my apartment, none of the radio stations will ever get off commercials, and my neighbor keeps coming in and out of his apartment, slamming his door in a very loud AMBIGUOUSLY GAY way.  Perhaps he wants me to go kick his ass!!  Yes, that must be least it would cure my boredom...

Listening To:  Third Eye Blind - Danger

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