Sunday, August 22, 2004

Another One Bites The Dust

UPDATE: Yes this post is intended to embarrass the living shit and shinola outta myself for your amusement...yes I realize that my poor ex-site was basic...and yes I also realize that I, do not, in reality have mad coding skillz. After you finish your laughing you can continue reading.

I had a site once upon a time...A HUGE FRIGGIN 80'S WEBSITE! Don't tell. But I did, it was immense...I just found the old backup files for it on my HD. Heh. I actually had one of the largest 80's websites around, getting upwards of 1000 visitors a day, which to some of you big ol bloggers, may not sound that impressive, but when you consider, that I was one person, doing and designing everything on my own, being that it was my first website...I was impressed. Notice the copywrite...2001...that was the "new and improved" version...I had actually been doing this site since 1998. Here's a screencap of the Index page with my real name carefully taken stalkers will just hafta look harder.

(Click it to Big it)

This was the Battle of the Bands. By far, the largest attraction to my site. I did all the coding and counting on my own through email and whatnot. But at it's height, I was getting over 300 votes a week. This was the last battle I guess I did, since it's the last backup on my comp.

(Click it to Big it)

Here's the bottom half of the same battle...for you slow people.

(Click it to Big it)

This was soo fun to do and it kept me busy while the man was at work...maybe I should start it up again, yanno now that I've forgotten everything I once knew about HTML. Now would be the perfect time.

I got some from my Naomi Campbell site as well...I'll try and get those uploaded know your impressed. *snork*

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