Saturday, August 21, 2004

Nice Sample

I've mentioned before that Imma music snob. And proud of it. I have enough useless musical knowledge in my brain to fill a couple thousand posts. I retain it like some people do useless sports trivia. Need to know who had the number one single in February of 1989...I'm your girl. Want to know who did that one song that you heard that one time in Amsterdam, yeah that one they played while you were smoking the Mothers Milk from that Coffee Shop you stopped in during that tour....I can probably do that too.
My point? I was just listening to The Mary Jane Girls song All Night Long and it got me thinking about covers/samples in songs. I thought to myself..."Self, although there are a veritable SHITLOAD of crap samples and covers in the world, (i.e. Puffy's raped version of The Police's I'll Be Watching You), there are some good ones out there! Self you should post these things so people can stop wondering!" Then I answered myself with a resounding YESSIREE! And took my medication because I realized I was answering myself.

Anywho, here are ten of my favorite samples:

That's not my top ten, I just tried to pick songs that most everybody would know. While I'm at it you can't tell me that The Commodores - Zoom Zoom and Shalamar's - The Lover In You aren't the same song. And yes, Mozart's - Moonlight Sonata is The Beatles - Because...backwards. I don't care what anyone else says.

So do tell, what are some of your favorite sampled songs??

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