Friday, August 20, 2004

Things of Note on National Me Day:


  1. Taking family road trips to volcano's in Washington. Two children in a car for five hours makes Johnny a dull to speak.
  2. Road construction at 9:30 in the PM on a friday night.
  3. Stupid fucking yachters who like to make the bridge connecting Oregon and Washington go up at 9:00 on a Friday night.
  4. That Haloscan erased all my old comments on posts, and now I can't brag about all the cool people who DO actually comment on my site. Like famous people!! On Amazon!!!
  5. That fucking BLOGGER POS made me do this damn post twice...GAH!!!!


  1. CORRECTION: That Tricia and Miss Dizzy Dame were nice enough to send me birthday wishes. They made my night brighter.
  2. I also love Mr. Zed, for giving me my usual sarcastic birthday card and for giving me the support I needed when I REALLY wanted a drink tonight. I lurves him muchly.

Now I'm off for my birthday popcorn eating, and Big Gulp drinking and movie cuddling....Envy Me.

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