Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Let's Discuss...

What get's Zed comments. I'm beginning to fear that you people have some aversion to commenting. Yes, I get one or two every couple of days...and no I'm not fishing for comments, I just like the feedback. I realize Blogger's comment system blows rabid goats blue...but I'm wanting to show you people the love, and how can I show you the love when you don't let me know who you are...we've had this convo I did a little lookie loo in my archives and discovered what makes you guys comment...have a looksee:

Porn Stars - You people like your porn apparantly...and who am I to dissapoint...Here's Briana Banks and her tongue ring...cuz I like Tongue Rings, and mine is bugging me at the moment. Shut up...

Reality TV Stars - I don't even wanna know what your fascination is with this whole crapola....but here ya go:

Frenchie from American Idol 2...she's a big girl and posed nude...this means she has balls, and I like that.

The Joe Millionaire guy, Evan Marriot...I never watched this show, but then you guys are the ones with the reality tv fixation...heh.

Playboy - I'm seeing a general debauchary trend going on with you people...but here ya go:

You didn't honestly think I was gonna give you another sexy sexy love machine picture!!! HAH! Silly people, you get trashy Anna Nicole. She was a Playmate...Playmate of the Year in fact...stop complaining!

Quizes - Hmmmm...Well ok if you guys like em so much...

My theme song is Dancing Queen!

Whether it's throwing your own theme party or mixing it up on the karaoke stage, we can see you strutting towards the jukebox in platform, glitter boots and a skintight jumpsuit to the tune of your personal anthem, "Dancing Queen." You aren't just part of the scene, you make it. You anticipate the good stuff in life, and with a theme song like yours, you're sure to get a lot of it. Crown jewel of the 70s, this Abba smash is expected to raise spirits in just about any environment, from dance floor to kitchen floor, and full-blown party. Yours is the comfort food of theme songs—steady and always welcome. Which is how your friends often view you. At your next soiree, it wouldn't surprise us if you danced with everyone for about 30 seconds, started a mambo line, then spun off to dance, jive, and have the time of your life as only a true Dancing Queen can.

My Kitties - Look through the archives for these ones...I'm not your personal Kitty Picture Posting Person, damnit!

My Depression - You people are truly a sick bunch...but I am happily not depressed tonight...WOO-HOO! You'll hafta find your depression elsewhere for the evening.

My Ambiguously Gay Neighbor - Have I mentioned that he drives a new VW Bug with flowers in it, and shops at Kenneth Cole??

My Aunt Flo - You people really are in need of help. My period seems to be a hot topic of discussion...shall I be destined to recieve regular comments and email only one week a month??? Will the Red Meanies be the end of our fearless Zed...find out next episode...Same Zed Time, Same Zed Channel.

Now I've given you what you want!!! Comment DAMNITALLTOHECKFIRE!!! I mean, drop me a line, won't you?

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