Monday, August 09, 2004

No Alpo

I am quite possibly more tired than I have been in the entire last year. I'm not sleeping well again. Insomnia kicks my ass. Luckily it comes and goes...I won't sleep for like a week, and then I'll sleep like a log for a couple of nights. It's more of a hassle really, but last night I was up until after seven this morning...and I was up again at nine cuz I had to be somewhere. My ass is draggin. Taking a nap is outta the question, so I guess I'm just up again until tonight, when I will surely get my second wind when Mr. Zed gets home from work at nine, and then I'll be up again. Fun stuff, I'm tellin ya.
I did get my grocery shopping done this morn though. Surprisingly enough, I didn't walk out of the store with 40 cans of Alpo and a bag of Ruffles...being this tired is making me delerious, so something like that wouldn't have surprised me...may have surprised my cats when I tried to feed them dog food though. You should all make a note of this, however...when a six year old child drops a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper on your foot, and you proceed to scream "FAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWKKKKKKKKKK!!!!" very loudly...this will in turn alarm the small child and they will leave you alone for at least half an hour. Just so you know.
OOOOH! While loading up my car with the non-Alpo groceries, I found a HUGE package of paper towels someone had forgotten to load up in their own car....FREE PAPER PRODUCTS ROCK!!!

This almost makes up for my exhaustion and owie foot.

Listening To: Bread - It Don't Matter To Me (Casey says it's ok)

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