Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Oh, Kiss My Ass

For those of you who may have visited my site since my last post you may have seen a HUGE obtrusive graphic down twords the bottom...something about direct linking. First let me say...KISS MY ASS. Second let me say, that's what I get for asking for help. I enlisted the help of someone whom I thought had more knowledge of such things to put the images on my sidebar, which I can't seem to figure out how to do. Instead of actually fixing the problem, person just direct linked. For that I am sorry, Mr./Mrs. Poopypants Direct Linker Nazi.
Second...where my John Kerry banner was, I now have something for preserving the Georgia Straits, or some shit. WTF is that crap. The Kerry thing is down at the bottom now. This leads me to think that someone has some kind of angst against me because I am oh so beautiful and brilliant, they are just jealous and put some kind of funky thing on my page. But tis all ok...I say preserve the Georgia Straits!!! Hurry before it's too late!!! That, and Kiss my Ass....twice.

Listening To: Brian McKnight - One Last Cry

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