Friday, August 27, 2004


Six in the morning and here I am again...still awake. I'm sooooo tired of not being able to sleep. I realize my problem is mostly my fault. Mr. Zed works odd hours and get's home from work around 2-2:30 in the morning, and I like to wait up for him...which I've been doing for a year now, give or take. But then he get's home, and we stay up talking and watching movies or whatever and he lays down, falls asleep and I'm left awake. Not for lack of trying though...I'll lay in the bed and toss and turn for hours sometimes, and nothing. I have sleeping pills from the doc...but they don't even make me tired, they just make me feel like I'm walking through cotton. My body get's heavy and I can't move, but my eyes are OPEN. I don't like that feeling so I don't like to take those. Then I have anxiety...all the time. That's a pain in the ass, but I don't like to take my anti-anxiety meds cuz they make me naseous and jittery...ick.
I'm just tired of not being able to fall asleep....once I get to sleep I can a friggin log. But the problem lies here...I don't get tired until 5 or 6 every morning, then if I do get to sleep, I sleep in WAYYYYY too late, because of course my body is all messed up and basically thinks night is day and vice versa. I've reverted back to infancy in my sleep patterns.
I've tried keeping myself up all night and day with the hope that by the time 9 or 10 at night rolls around, I'll be so tired I'll just pass out. No such luck...I was out and napping by 1 in the afternoon. I'm trying that again today...hopefully by the time tonight rolls around I'll be more exhausted than Heidi Fleiss during fleet week.
But what I would love from you guys is any sleeping tips you may have. What do you do to get tired, or relaxed?? I'm getting desperate here...I can't handle this sleep cycle much longer.

Listening To: Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23

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