Thursday, August 26, 2004

You Shoulda Taken The Bus

I just heard on the radio that the Dave Matthews Band are being sued by the State of Illinois, for dumping 800 pounds of human waste into the Chicago River. And that's not the worst part. The driver of the tour bus dumped it from a bridge, a bridge that happened to be directly above a tour boat filled with 100 people...who were doused in the bands waste. The State is seeking $70 grand, which is a drop in the bucket if ya think about it.
If I were in that boat I'd suddenly come down with every kind of disease known to man....Testicular Cancer...yup got it...Lethargy...yup got that...Projectile Leprosy...Got That Too! I'd sue the shit outta them for millions...My first reason to sue would be the years of pain and suffering, along with the emotional damage of having to listen to their crap on the least it wasn't the crap on the boat.

While I'm at it...who can answer this little trivia question....According to an internet radio station that I won't list cuz you big ol cheater heads will use it, who's the gayest cartoon character of all time?
Leave your answers in the comments section, and the winner just might get something folded with paper.

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