Wednesday, August 25, 2004

El Meow

In my quest for cheap school supplies today, it ended me at Big Lots. I had never been there before but I got one of their circular thingie doodads in the mail the other day, and it had good prices. I was determined to "make brand names at closeout prices" my bitch. While there I remembered that the cats needed more canned food...normally I would just stock up at the regular grocery store, but I figured if I came home again without any Seafood Delight, the cats would stage a coup and overtake the household. I get to the pet aisle, and notice that the only soft cat food they had was Whiska's in the soft purple pouchy goodness...only it was all in spanish. Of course I bought it anyway, my cats needed some culture. I'm not quite sure what they ate though....Cat had white meaty goop...and Twiggy had red meaty goop. Thems good eats.
Then feeling a wee bit crafty like any hormonal chick does...I stopped at the craft store. Shaddup, you laugh...I stab. I was gonna take up my crocheting hobby with the grand scheme of making Cat a sweater...He asked for it...really. But felt more lazy than anything when I was overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of darning needles and scrapbooking materials...I opted for an Oragami book. Yes. I did. And I truly suck at it...but I have succsessfully made a balloon and a hat. It would be just like me to pick a 'relaxing' hobby that drives me batshit.

Anybody want a Samurai Helmet made entirely of shiney gold paper??

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