Saturday, January 20, 2007

Toss My Salad

What the hell is "hand tossed" salad? Yanno, like on that menu right thar?...Hand Tossed Salads. What the hell does that mean? It's kind of gross if you think about it. Some greasy cook in the back room throwing lettuce and cucumbers and 'shrooms around all willy nilly. I didn't realize that this was something special. Like a special skill. Is there a special Hand Tossing class in culinary school? Do you need a specialized degree for this? It would seem like the pizza people need training to do that spinny hand tossing the dough thing. Why wouldn't that carry over to salad? Maybe there are a whole group of people who hold a degree in "Salad Tossing".

*blank stare*

Ok, that was just funny on so many levels. Salad Tossing degree.


Like you didn't see that coming....

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