Saturday, August 28, 2004

I want chicken. I want liver. Meow mix, Meow mix, please deliver.

Nope. I refuse. The kitty...The Twig as I call her, is cute, and this is the only saving grace she has right now. However, as of right this minute I refuse to feed her anymore. I'm serious this time. She comes up and meorrrrrw's all up in my face until I pick her I'm holding her, and giving her the beloved ear scratches that she longs for...and the Twig....Farts. Loudly! And oh sweet hell how they smell...seriously, like these things could strip the graffiti off a freeway overpass. She's soooo small, how does THAT smell come outta something that little?!?!?!
I seriously thinks she has some deep seeded animosity twords me. That's the only explaination as to why she would rip one EVERY TIME I PICK HER UP. Every god damn time.

I'm not feeding her anymore.


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