Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm Over Here

Alright people, I wasn't going to forward this blog to my new one...but you people aren't changing your blogrolls...do it! DO IT!


Mmmmmk Thanks.

Zed is indeed dead.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beer Town

Portland has a long list of things we can be proud of...

We have the worlds smallest park at a whopping 24 inches.
We have the largest natural urban forest reserve in the US.
We have the worlds largest independant bookstore, with the only 3 door elevator west of the Mississippi.
We don't have to pump our own gas...in fact it's illegal.
And we don't have sales tax.
I could go on...

Ok, I said it was a list of things WE could be proud of.

My wonderful city has a ton of nickames and if you're not from this area you're likely to get confused because people rarely call Portland "Portland"...we like to call it things like The Rose City, The City of Bridges, Rip City, Rivercity, or Stumptown. We are an eccentric bunch.

And now we have one more to add to the list...Beer Town.

This was just reported on our local news:

"Portland, already known as the City of Roses, will now be known as the city of beer.

Mayor Tom Potter will officially declare Portland "Beertown," where he will serve as honorary mayor. To kick off the city's new title, the mayor will pour the first ceremonial pint of Beertown Brown, the new seasonal debut from BridgePort Brewing Co.

Portland is known all over the world as "Beervana," largely due to the 28 breweries operating within city limits, more than any other city in the world. This title does not include the eight breweries that operate in the surrounding metro area.There are three more breweries scheduled to open in 2007, making Portland the largest craft brewing market in the country."

28 breweries...more than any other city in the world. Eat that.

It could have been worse...they could have declared us Methtown.

Sister Hazel - All For You

Retro Weekend #1

So, I've decided that because I have an asscart full of video's on my computer I may as well share some of them with people who might care...or don't whatever. Either way, it makes me feel like I'm doing something with them. I let the hubs pick the video for this weekend and he picked this movie trailer:

Go Joe.

Was there any other girl out there who totally felt ripped off by the cool boy toys as opposed to the stupid ass girl shit that was out there. Who wants to drive Barbie around in a convertable, when you can shoot the enemy or drop a mase on some bad guy while playing with He-Man toys.

Maybe that was just me.

Mike Reno & Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise

Friday, March 23, 2007

Things You'll Never Hear Me Say

1. "Please pass the ketchup."
2. "Hello? Macintosh technical support?"
3. "Absolutely, I'd love a root canal! But only if a pap smear is unavailable!"
4. "WOO HOO! Enya tickets are on sale!"
5. "I'd like the big bag of pork rinds, please."
6. "Eh, who wants to look like Angelina Jolie, anyway?."
7. "YAY! The Speed Channel!"
8. "I sure hope Jeb Bush decides to run in 2008!"
9. "Britney Spears is just a misunderstood artist."
10. "Andrew Dice Clay is SOOO funny!"
11. "MmmmmMMMMM...how I do love me some rabbit."
12. "A Threesome? This IS a Happy Birthday!"
13. "Yup. Their Fake."
14. "Checkmate."
15. "Does this make my ass look big?"

Well that was fun....Back to work

Cliff Richard - Devil Woman

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coma Girl

I am so bored. I have just been staring at this computer screen zoning out for the last 45 minutes. I would think myself in a semi comotosed state if it weren't for the fact that I can still type 80 words a minute and eat Skittles like my life depended on it. I'm thinking if I were actually comatosed, I wouldn't be able to perform such duties....


Perhaps I should step away from the monitor for a bit. Providing I haven't starting sprouting roots.

You know you're officially bored when you get excited at the prospect of doing dishes.

Oh! I know, I'll post that A-Ha video people wanted to see...

Who was that lead singer dude, he was kind of hot in a weird geeky Norweigian Wood kind of way.

Led Zepplin - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Monday, March 19, 2007

Today is March 19th?

Holy crapola...March is almost over...lets put things in neat nifty listy format, mmmk?

  1. Car stolen
  2. Migraine for 13 out of the last 19 days. Yes, seriously. That would explain the lack of posting, and my $2000 in medical bills I've racked up with all the shitty tests performed on me by the hospital.
  3. My internet decides to disappear for four days.
  4. I almost cut my finger off.
  5. Highly...no really, HIGHLY medicated due to migraines.
  6. Discussions of possibly moving to a new STATE. Holy shit.
  7. My dog has fleas.
I seriously can not believe this is the 19th of March. The last month is a blur. GAH. I have so much to catch up on. I would pay someone to take half of my to-do list. I think it has a pulse.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Think I Hate Her Now

I was just taking the trash out and saw one of my neighbors riding her bike....pulling her teeny tiny little Chihuahua behind her. The poor little doggy had his tongue waggin and was huffing and puffing like R. Kelly at a girl scout camp. What the hell was she doing? Did she not notice that her dog's poor little legs were like two inches long, and while she coasts her tub of lard ass along on her very over-worked bike...her little chihuahua was having a stroke.

I should have run out there and called her on it. I'm regretting it now...but I don't like to make waves in here, and if I "accidentally" threw garbage at her she'd probably go running to the office to squeel. I'm already at odds with Mr. Office Manager, and he scares me a little...he's a four ton Samoan who owns two pitbulls. I feel I've made the right decision here. I don't want to find myself cornered by dogs that could eat my face, or find myself thrown off a balcony like Tony Rocky Horror.

Someone should drag her ass along on a leash, and make her run a couple miles. Hell, it would probably be alot more effective than that bike, which is obviously not doing it's job. I'm just sayin'.

Ok, I've got all my work done for now, so I'm going to go sit and watch really bad daytime tv for half an hour before I pick up the child from school. You want my life, admit it.

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dear Movin 107.5 Radio People,

I tried to give you a chance. I did! A real, honest to goodness chance. Even though you made my most beloved Mix 107.5 vanish into thin air one night while I was sleeping. I was trying to be the bigger person here...forgive and forget and all that. But now?

You are all bitches. I hate you. You mess with my head by playing snippets of songs I LIKE in your station bumpers, so I keep listening thinking you won't play schlock for a change...and you never, ever play anything good. You are full of Gnarls Barkely, and Britney Skankyho, and Outkast. I don't LIKE any of those people. I heard you play Technotronic once, but I think it may have been an accident on your part.

Perhaps you didn't realize that you used to be an all 80's station? You were wonderful back in the day...all 80's all the time. And you had a huge market share. People liked you! They really really liked you! Then you fucked up by turning it into an all "rock" 80's station...people didn't buy it. And yanno why? Cuz REM isn't rock. And neither is Fleetwood Mac or Kansas. But I tried to defend you, by saying you were in the middle of something at home and you'd come back to us...as your old self again. People just needed to give you time.

Now you've turned me into a big fat hairy liar. I hate you.

So, I just wanted to let you know, you suck. You suck big moldy monkey shit. Give me back my Mix 107.5. I need my Thompson Twins, and Kim Wilde....your can keep your "music that makes you move"...the only thing it makes me want to move is my bowels.

With all my hatred,
Princess Me

The winner of the video deal from my last post was the A-Ha video...I'll post that on Saturday. More people need to vote. Like Ryan Seacrest says, if you don't vote, you can't win. Or something like that.

Cypress Hill - A To The K

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